About us




A Brief History

After years gof working on the restoration of classic and wedding cars we decided to start our own hire company in 2007. We started with a Lincoln stretch limo, called ourselves 'Calypso Limos' and covered weddings, hen nights, birthdays, proms etc.

As stretch limos began to lose their appeal we decided to sell ours and buy a Beauford, we searched long and hard to find a really good one, it had to be a long bodied 4 door as we considered the 2 door model to be too small for a Bride to climb through to the back!

The Beauford was a great move for us and the car was instantly popular and it still is. 

We also had a Ferrari which we hired out as a Grooms car, however we quickly accepted that it is the Brides day and the Groom had no chance of a car for himself so the Ferrari was sold.

We then bought our first Imperial and built it from the chassis up, we decided to go for two tone silver and added a cream interior. The car was an instant success, so much so that we very quickly added another one, this time we went for Old English White to match our Beauford and we were stunned by the response, even the silver car was left behind and we decided to sell it and restore another Imperial in Old English White, the perfect wedding car colour.

We currently have our Beauford and Imperial both in matching trim plus a luxury Mercedes bus with a full leather interior. We are now supplying personalised Bride and Groom numberplates and 'just Married' signs, we are the only wedding car company offering this service.

When we started we wanted to have the best cars in the area and offer the best value, we feel that we have already achieved that and if you find a lower quote then we are sure that it wont be for cars that match the quality of ours. 

We felt that the 'Limos' name was more suited to a party hire company so we are now trading under our new name 'Satin Wedding Cars'  and we have been accepted as members of the 'National Association of Wedding Car Professionals'. All our contact details remain the same.

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