Vintage Wedding Cars Wigan

Wigan Vintage Wedding Cars

Old wine tastes better, they say! Vintage weddings are becoming fashionable, popular events now. People are trying to go back down memory lane to celebrate wedding in the traditional way, the way their fore-parents celebrated theirs. Though, some may say it is old fashioned and out of date, but most appreciate the throwback styles and beautiful, form-fitting dresses and suits. It is usually exceptional and classic because of the costumes involved; the old fashion styles, cars, cooking methods and the occasional fun fair.

We are experts in vintage weddings. Having worked with many vintage-loving couples preparing for their big day, our reputation precedes us. We have an eye for a definite style of wedding that will be appreciated by many couples and envied by other event planners. We have the prerequisite experience to organise provide a vintage wedding cars or their replica. We will ensure that we bring old memories to your grand-parents and old members of the audience.

Our extensive range of unique, vintage cars have charmed clients both young and old, making them the perfect addition to your big day – whoever you are. It’s all about experience and hard work! We advise our clients on the kind of dress to wear to match a vintage car. Our defining factor is not the vintage cars alone; it is actually planning with our clients to organise the entire wedding as a beautiful vintage affair.

Vintage weddings go beyond the cars alone, it involves the bride, groom, bridal train, photographs session, etc. We always do our best to give you the best you actually deserve. Satin Wedding Cars in Wigan has pricing system that is unlikely to be met elsewhere with the kind of service we deliver.

Be assured, you are in safe hands!